Tuesday, April 12, 2011

closing carnival.

i was in charge of our ward's closing social. it was carnival themed. which i was pretty excited about. i kind of went crazy.
we had a bbq.
we had sno cones.
 we had popcorn slash pretzels slash twizzlers.
we had pie throwing [always hilarious].
 we had rockband [always a hit].
my favorite part? oh, just the sumo wrestling.
ever since i first saw charlie's angels at the young age of ten[ish] i've always wanted to do sumo wrestling [not the real kind. no.]. saturday my wish came true.
 dallas totally owned me. it was still awesome.
i think i need to own these at some point in my life.


lauren nicole said...

i just noticed your comment on your comment form.
i love your face, too.

i have a sno cone and popcorn machine. sometimes when i'm bored, i make both and pretend i'm at a carnival.

cool life, i know.

have a good one :)

Megan said...

bahaha those pictures of you wrestling just made my life.

love you to death.

i'm glad you liked the hashtag i used- i meant to dedicate it to you because i want to be you some day when i grow up.

can't wait to play!