Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'a sunburn tells a story like, hey, that guy really likes v necks.'

first step: admitting you have a problem.
i'm addicted to v necks.
they're all i want to wear. all the time. i have the white hanes ones that came in a six pack [i don't think i've ever owned six of the same anything] and a few of the 'boyfriend' v necks from target which are also glorious.
i'm pretty sure i wore a v neck every day last week. it doesn't help that i feel good when i wear them. so when i feel cute of course i have to document it in a mirror. even though you can't see the v in the second one. nice.
at least v necks are cheap. i could be addicted to something expensive like, i don't know, everything from anthropologie.
and i am not yet ready to discuss my ever growing need for frozen yogurt. baby steps.


Cassie Nafziger said...

I love V necks too! I have a few from target, it's just that they are a bit long :( I'm working on upcycling one right now--my dang seatbelt rubbed holes in it :( I'll post the finished product soon, I'm super excited about it! It's my first REAL sewing project, lol. I love your face in the furst photo! So concentrated! Love reading your blog!

Cassie Nafziger said...

*first* photo...I was typing too fast :P

Megan said...

you make my life.

can I get frozen yogurt with you next time?? :)

lauren nicole said...


def going there friday!! i love (comfy) vnecks!

codi said...

you are hot. i love the all black outfit.

Jen Kerr said...

i love title of this post