Friday, April 1, 2011

spring forward.

spring activities:
hiking. lots of hiking.
swimming often.
running hard.
stripe wearing.
leisure reading.
sandwich making.

spring playlist:
taxi cab . vampire weekend
maps . yeah yeah yeahs
i don't know what to do . pete yorn & scarlett johansson
i can't stay . the killers
time won't let me go . the bravery
cape cod kwassa kwassa . vampire weekend
wouldn't it be nice . the beach boys
this is your life . the killers
bullet . steel train
swallow it . brandon flowers
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1 comment:

Georgina Florence said...

not that it means much,
but i completely approve of your spring playlist.
may i be so bold
as to recommend another song or two:
laundry room - avett brothers
be calm - fun.
wake up - the neighbors
..or three.
love you snister.