Thursday, March 31, 2011

a good heart.

for some reason it's hard for me to take compliments. even from my mom. i appreciate them but sometimes they make me feel uncomfortable cause i don't know what to say. i guess thanks would work. it's something i'm working on.
but there's one thing i always love to hear: how healthy i am.
i gave blood the other day and after taking my pulse the lady asked if i worked out regularly. why yes. yes i do. i asked her what the normal pulse was and she said between 50 and 100, and when it's on the lower end of 50 they ask if the person exercises. she said mine was 54. i think i literally did a fist pump.
when i was doing breathing exercises for my stress class in the biofeedback lab, the lady asked if i exercise on a regular basis. yes ma'am. i asked why and she said i had a good heart. another fist pump.
i think it makes me feel like i'm doing something right. my hard work is paying off. and it's fact, not subjective to opinion or point of view. it's there, in the results. you can't question those.

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