Tuesday, April 5, 2011

spring break: byu style

sarah tweeted that general conference weekend is byu's spring break. it's so true though.
everything stops for general conference. it's kind of awesome. everyone knows that everyone will [hopefully] be watching conference. and doing fun things in between.
saturday morning i went to my ward breakfast, then i watched the first session with sarah, jen, katie, leslie, and some other friends. between the first and second session sarah and i hiked the y. it was such a beautiful day [75 glorious degrees]. we decided to listen to the afternoon session on top of the y[thank you mormon channel app]. um hi, most brilliant idea ever. the best part [besides elder nelson's talk] was when the choir started to sing 'high on a mountain top'. motab knows what's up.
after that, we went home and had a huge super awesome girl's night during priesthood session. it was so fun to be with my favorite girls doing what we do best: eating pizza, indulgin in golden spoon, telling funny stories and watching 'sabrina'. i guess you could say we know how to party hardy. true story.
sunday i listened to the morning session while i cleaned my room [i be productive] and then i went over to my grandma's house for the last session. man, i am always so sad when conference is over. it just flies by every time. i'm so excited for the general conference ensign to come out next month so i can read them all again!

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