Monday, April 4, 2011

week of instas.

i am now a member of the 'quarts club' at golden spoon
my desk at work. yes that's brandon.
more yogurtland... three times in one week. it's a problem.
sunset from y mountain
snow on the new blossoms. provo likes to tease us.
keaton came to the rescue and jump started my car #grateful
i can't finish this sudoku for the life of me. i've been working on it in econ for weeks.
niki and a teacup yorkie, so cuuute.


Georgina Florence said...

ha just leave him a kit kat.
i love your life.

Cassie Nafziger said...

Cute! Do you take the instas on your phone? Man, I'm not hip with all this techie stuff...sudoku in econ? genious! way to pass the time--i ♥ soduko!

Katie Marie said...

PUPPYYYYYYY!!!i want one. so. stinkin. cute.

Nicole Marie said...

ohhh golden spoon!!
and that puppy is soo cute and little!!

codi said...

tell your sister i am an excellent dog sitter.