Friday, April 1, 2011

i credit the sun.

why yesterday was so great:

got eight hours of glorious sleep.
had a super yummy [and filling] breakfast.
was on time to my class.
went to the temple and got prime parking.
was convinced by some friends [and the sun] to skip accounting.
sat in the sun and talked to said friends.
was on time to my other two classes.
ate some celery and peanut butter [a favorite childhood snack].
hiked the y for the first time in three years.
studied econ at the top of the y for an hour.
talked to my aunt on top of the y.
came home and made a delicious wrap for dinner.
cleaned my room. and opened the window.
went to my grandma's.
watched sleepless in seattle with nanny and niki.
got some food from the nan [cheesesticksyum].
was in bed by 12.

it was such a good day. i just had to write it down.


taylor elaine said...

Love this!

I skipped class today to sit out on the grass and talk with Lance. It was oh-so-glorious.

Can you believe the semester is almost over? Craziness!

Rodriguez's said...

So sweet!! Love those kind of days. I need to remember to remember them like you do. You are the best. Love

Megan said...

Dear Ahlin...can I have one of these days with you soon?? :)

Emma said...

sounds like the perfect day!