Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sister time is the best kind of time.

i'm not done talking about the time with my sisters. duh.
the night before gina flew home we all got together [me, mom, niki, gina, kendall] and had a grand old time.
we danced.
we laughed.
we talked.
we ate chinese food.
we talked more.

niki and i dancing to kid cudi.
gina likes to leave me love on my phone.
kendall was giving us advice on love.
 i think the best part was when we told my mom it was time to go to dinner and we tried to take the computer from her and she said 'no i'm talking to my friend!' on facebook. oh how the tables have turned.
i always have the best of times with my family.


Cassie Nafziger said...

These photos crack me up! Love this post ♥ Sister time is the best!

Georgina Florence said...

thanks for putting those nasty pics up.
love it.

Georgina Florence said...

picture number two on row four.
me dying of depression while kendall wonders if she needs to give me more to drink.

Rodriguez's said...

Such great times...intense points of view...laughter...tears,,,,,more advice...more laughter..and yes maybe Ann is my only friend on facebook, but I hold her dear to my heart, So I must agree it is the best of times! Love you so