Thursday, March 24, 2011

you ate my sandwich?

so... i kind of love sandwiches. probably as much as joey. or maybe even ross.
actually my sandwiches are an apartment joke my roommates have. i'm pretty sure it's just because they're jealous.
see, i don't make some 'hi-can-i-get-some-olives-and-then-they-put-like-three-on-there' subway sandwich maker. no. i don't mess around. go big or go home. that's my motto. true story.
plus i don't see any better way to get a huge dose of yummy vegetables other than via sandwich. salad yeah, but you don't have two pieces of delicious multi grain bread and a few slices of yummy turkey in there either. all i'm trying to say is, when it comes to sandwiches, i kind of have it down.
the great thing is that you can pretty much throw anything on there and it works. i really like using honey mustard because it adds just enough sweet flavor without the calories of ranch or mayo. my favorite ingredient though? craisins. seriously. try it. but not before you say good-bye to all your loved ones because you're going to die and go to heaven once you do.
please come to my cafe when that dream comes true. you won't be disappointed.


Katie Marie said...

this makes me ashamed of the sandwich i made in a rush this morning with my i-haven't-been-grocery-shopping-in-a-month food. two slices of ham lunchmeat, pepperoni, and cheese. embarrassing.

Megan said...

i will eat your sandwich any time any where.

love your freaking face.

can't wait for next saturday.

Pia said...

I love you for referencing Friends in your post title! It is the best show ever invented.

Your sammy looks really yummy.