Thursday, March 3, 2011


we've seen this before. and it's happened again.

ahlin wants to watch tv show.
ahlin never watches tv show.
years later ahlin decides to watch tv show.
ahlin gets addicted to tv show.
ahlin puts off important things to watch tv show.
just kidding. just sleep.
ahlin finishes season one in four days.
ahlin always thinks about tv show.
ahlin gets made fun of for loving tv show.
ahlin doesn't care.

gilmore girls. house. lois & clark. how i met your mother. friends.
now. prison break.

i have wanted to watch this show since it started in 2005. but alas. my mom made the smart rule that we couldn't watch tv during the week. but now that tv shows online rule the world [and my life] i am finally catching up on my need to watch list [with a little nudge from my friend lauren:]

and oh my gosh. it is so good. better than i imagined. and addicting. and brilliant. and scary. but not too bad. but super suspenseful. and crazy. and makes me react in very dramatic ways. like yelling 'no!'. or covering my mouth in shock. or staring blankly in 'oh my gosh....'. etc. netflix watch instantly has become my best friend. thank you niki.

oh yeah and did i mention that this guy is the star? and that he's brilliant? and sensitive? and he throws away his entire life to break his brother out of jail? and he makes jail clothes look good? and he has a full body tattoo? and he can make origami swans? and his voice makes angels stop in their tracks? true story.
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 i'm just sayin... check it out.

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Meredith said...

you failed to mention he has amazing eyes. I too fell victim to this last semester. Wentworth is totally worth it. Busybeelauren got you hooked!