Wednesday, March 2, 2011

with a little help from my friends.

last week was this beautiful girl's twenty first birthday! aka the second anniversary of our beautiful friendship! she is so dear to me and i am so grateful that she is in my life so i can follow her example and have such fun times together!
friday night sarah and i went out feeling just super hipster. a little bit more sarah than me. hi fur jacket.
george took us to dinner at the bombay house. um. it was delicious. i heart indian food. thanks george!
 then after some retail therapy at target, sarah and i got some golden spoon. i shall never tire of the golden spoon.
 saturday night we had a ward activity. the theme was 'cinderella dinner'. it was really fun and tons of people came and we had cinderella playing on the big screen. success.
fun stuff.

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Anonymous said...

true story. eyes=super creepy :p