Tuesday, February 22, 2011

weekend food.

saturday morning i made an amazing breakfast. at least, i thought it tasted pretty awesome. and yummy. plus i had my valentine's cookie with it. cool.
a piece of toast with a thin layer of cream cheese, spinach, two eggs sunny side up, and tomatoes on top.
for dinner one night, i wasn't too hungry and i was really feeling some soup but all i had was campbell's tomato soup. i wanted something besides just tomato soup so i looked online and found this recipe. it turned out really good. thank you internet gods.
heat a can of tomato soup, pace salsa, and milk on the stove. mix together, add cheese on top and some avocado. i realized after that i had canned corn in the pantry, that would have been perfect to add to it. next time.


Megan said...

stealing this recipe yes.

Marie Dixon said...

My stomach is seriously growling right now!