Friday, February 18, 2011

pcd two

i'm not gonna lie guys. i'm pretty proud about this one.
i didn't have enough vegetables left to make a full on sandwich - all i had was one fourth of a red bell pepper and some spinach. so i don't know how but i thought of a brilliant beyond brilliant idea.
i put on the peperoncinis, then the turkey, spinach, red bell peppers with the pepper jack cheese on top. then, here is the genius part, i broiled them. for like three minutes. and holy cow. it was so good. the peperoncinis added such a great flavor, oh man it was so good. plus it took like ten, fifteen minutes tops to make.
i made a salad too [can you tell i'm trying to eat all my spinach before it goes bad?] in the salad was raspberries, craisins, swiss cheese and salad topping stuff with balsamic vinaigrette. also extremely delicious.
so barely any of that was from my pantry... but it was still delicious. and healthy. and brilliant.
i think i should start copyrighting this geniusness. along with the word geniusness.


Georgina Florence said...

this is a direct result of prayer and fasting...
my prayers and fasting.
sixteen year old me couldn't bear sending her sister to college only knowing how to make toast.
and so i prayed.

okay i'm kidding.
you're awesome.
love you.
call me.
i have minutes again. WOOOO!

Megan said...

holy crap that looks amazing. i think i should have you cook for me.

love you.

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

I would be proud too! That looks delicious. I want to put down the candy I am eating now. Haha

<3Chelsea Elizabeth