Tuesday, February 22, 2011

long weekend.

if i could label this [much needed] long weekend i'd call it #familytime. or #biebertime. 'cause, let's face it, i haven't listened to anything else since neversaynever.
friday i had rubio's with my sister lauren and her kids, luci and cason. later that night i went to their house and watched 'red' and 'eat pray love' with lauren and ben. i heart bonding over movies.
apparently luci refused to let lauren put her headband in. or fix it. so cute.
i love case. while i was eating he unbuttoned his shirt and showed me that he was wearing the stripling warriors mamas boys t shirt i gave him for christmas. it was so cute and i was shocked that he actually remembered.
saturday, after an annoying test that i did not want to take but did anyway cause i'm a responsible grown up university student, i went up to salt lake and hung out with my sisters, kendall and niki.
can i just say i love my sisters? they are all amazing and i am so lucky to live by all of them [minus gina. boo.]
oh yeah and sarah cut my bangs friday night. and i've gotten about eighteen billion compliments on them. i think i'll let them stay for a while...
heidi and amanda dressed exactly the same by pure accident. it was kind of hilarious.
 sunday i went to a church meeting, then church, then another sacrament meeting for layton's farewell talk [which was so good]. i heart church. then i took a nap, visited my sweet grandma and headed over to lauren's house to hang out with the fam. my dad and brother blake are in town, it's so nice to spend time with them.
dad and little luci mae asleep after dinner. presh.
 monday morning i got up bright and early for breakfast at kneaders with everyone. kneaders equals yummy french toast goodness in my belly.
the kids [and ben] showed us their angry birds skills. i'm pretty sure they could beat me any day.
 blake left flew back to california yesterday afternoon. i wish all my family could live by me so i could be with them all the time. i think it's safe to say they are my favorite people on earth. 
 after a long day of homework, running and cleaning i think i might be able to take this week head on.
i hope your president's day weekend was awesome too.


Georgina Florence said...

miss you.

Lauren said...

Fun pics. Loved the time with you!