Friday, February 18, 2011


last night. i did not feel like going out. not even to the movies.
and if you know me. you know. i love movies.
it was 8:15. i just finished my accounting. i was going to get some groceries and come home. and finally go to bed on time.
but sm and lo had other plans for me. text: yo. ag. thirty minutes. bieber time. from lo and sm.
then sarah showed up at my door and as much as i wanted to i could not say no to that pretty face. so we went to the movies. i was not in the best mood and i was having a hard time hiding it. i did not want to spend eight twenty five on this movie. i could buy like ten burritos from taco bell with that money. but alas. i gave up the money. 
and it was worth every penny.
holy cow. please go see 'never say never'. it changes lives. by the end of the movie we were out of our seats dancing and singing along. j biebs delivered. favorites: the hair flip and snoop dogg. and baby duh.
when i saw this video almost two years ago, i thought this kid was a joke.
justin bieber is not a joke.
then i got home and found this on my piece of dove dark chocolate [which is my new best friend, who knew?]:
'someone' would be justin bieber, in case you were wondering.

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Leslie said...

if you went to one of his concerts, you would be justin's "one less lonely girl." and you'd ball, like a baby. but hey, you'd get a dozen freakin' roses out of it.

and i love you.

so glad you came.