Monday, February 14, 2011

because i love love.

why do i still love love? i have no clue. but i don't feel like pouring out my heart and thoughts about it right now so we'll just settle for my top picks and my movie guide. i hope you enjoy and maybe even learn some new fun interesting original things.

best kiss: penelope. hands down.
favorite tv couples: lily and marshall. rachel and ross. claire and phil. lois and clark. rory and logan/jess.
favorite tv love moments: friendshow i met your mothergilmore girls.
saddest tv love moments that i like to watch for some reason: gilmore girlsfriends.

favorite love songs:
will you still love me? chicago
i got your back ti feat keri hilson
how deep is your love the bird and the bee
a white demon love song the killers
she is love parachute
the girl city and colour

favorite songs for the depressed heart:
the nicest thing kate nash
if it kills me jason mraz
mr. brightside the killers

favorite movie couples: jack and rose. tom and jane. terry and nickie. landon and jamie.
favorite movie love moments: becoming jane. the notebook. you've got mail.
favorite love movie that i feel does a pretty good job portraying actual love: how do you know.
favorite men: james mcavoy. brandon flowers. lee pace. milo ventimiglia. rob pattinson.
favorite love quotes.

happy heart day.


Georgina Florence said...

i love you my snister!
you are my love.

joe said...

ahlin. this is kind of a dumb thought, but i can't wait until you find yourself a nice guy and i can be really happy for you


taylor elaine said...

I have to disagree with you on one thing, Ahlin. Personally, I do not like Rory and Logan together. They are not good for each. Neither were Rory and Jess. I just loved Rory and Dean together. They were great. :)