Sunday, December 5, 2010

lessons learned.

over the past couple years i have developed some severe beliefs of my own. things that i think are true with all my heart besides the gospel of jesus christ of latter-day saints. i have expressed some, like the that fact that i am awesome [and so is everyone else] or that i can change my plans whenever i want because they're mine.

one i have been thinking about lately is how you can do anything if you want it and you try hard enough.

exhibit a: i ran a freaking half marathon this year. that's 13 miles. that's running for two hours straight. and, although it isn't a full marathon, it's still fairly far. up until june of this year there was no way i would have even considered doing that, let alone think that i could. i don't know what happened, but something snapped. i wanted to do it. i wanted to change. then, since i decided to do it, i did. i started with one mile. i finished with thirteen. i did it.

i often hear people say oh i could never do that and i just think um, yes you can. you just don't want to. because it's true. you can do and be anything. you just have to have the heart, as cheesy as it sounds.

i'm not saying you have to go run an insane distance now or that i am pretty much cooler than anyone who hasn't. i just want others to realize that nothing is out of reach. as my friend jonsi says, we must always know that we can do anything.

stepping off soapbox.


Emily said...

so true, and something i forget A LOT.
thanks for the reminder :)

p.s. you go girl! look at you running a half marathon that's great!

Megan said...

sooo true :) I'm also grateful for the reminder- you're the best!