Thursday, December 2, 2010

if wishes were fishes...

...i actually don't know the rest of that saying.

anyway, i've decided to put my christmas wish list on here so that certain family members who have asked for it know where to find it. i'll also make a link on the side so i can add to it as well. i can never think of what i want when i'm asked, they just kind of come to me throughout the month.
so. here goes.
i've heard running in these is a dream. a dream i would like to be a part of.
 i need a new hoodie. and i heart volcom.
for when i don't want to get back out of my cozy warm bed to turn off the light.
i need to put my hundreds of pictures somewhere safe and organized until i find time to actually scrapbook.
anthropologie wants to keep my ears warm.
i can be a game person.
i'm kind of particular when it comes to rings. but this one is pretty.
and you know how i lovvve earrings. especially ones with feathers.
i want to be this kind of girl. please
why can't i, you ask? oh just cause i have to walk more than five feet every day, that's all.
 and always, gift cards. of course:
target, itunes, forever 21, nordstrom, tj maxx, cafe rio, zupas, golden spoon, the usual...

does this make me sound gaudy and pretentious? i promise i'm not. it's just fun to wish. and give others ideas...


Megan said...

soooooo i was looking through your Christmas list and I pretty much want everything you asked for. Do you ever see girls and think to yourself, "yes, that's it. That's the style I want to have and that's what I want to look like." You are that girl for me! ps so excited to play!!!!!

Eva said...

those feet shoes are so freaky yet so cool!

Rodriguez's said...

Good to know, good to know. It's all so you! Known fact.. you are ever so easy and fun to shop for...why you might ask? Because you are always so excited and grateful for any little thing you receive! Plus such a girl you are. Love you, Maja