Wednesday, August 25, 2010


so... i say this approximately five times a day, give or take.
does that make me conceited?
i like to think not.
i spent so many years not thinking that highly of myself, i'm just making up for wasted time and wasted thoughts. and i think it's so important for everyone to give themselves the credit they deserve.
i think barney stinson might have had something to do with it too...
here's to being awesome.
now, hopefully i can keep thinking that in my tenth mile on friday...
oh yeah, my half marathon is in two days. woot. 

"what's a motto?" "i dont know, what's a motto with you?" ten points to whoever can guess that quote.


Kaleena J. said...

I don't think it makes you conceited at all! I hate that society makes it so if you like yourself or see yourself as a great person, you are "conceited" WHO CARES! If you are awesome, then tell people you are awesome! :)

Marki said...

love this. love you. i feel the same way! that we are BOTH awesome. also the quote's from lion king. timon and simba!