Wednesday, December 1, 2010

christmas time is here.

i'm one who likes to give thanksgiving a chance.
i try not to get too excited about christmas until after the turkey coma.
so i let all my excitement loose when i saw this last night.
every year i forget about the lights on campus.
i heart december.


Emily said...

ah same!!! last night was my first night on campus in a while and it was GREAT.

Sera said...

i forget about those two! they look awesome.

Megan said...

ditto! I got so excited when I came out of the library the other night that I now try to go to campus at night just to see them :)

Megan said...

let's play. like now. if by the end of the week i don't see you i think my heart will break. true story.

chelsea rebecca said...

its so wonderful!
today they were putting up lights in my neighborhood!

Li-Sha said...

haha! i always forget about them, especially since i was never on campus late enough to see them. beautiful:)