Tuesday, December 21, 2010

davey. for free.

my sister gave me tickets to go see the mormon tabernacle choir christmas concert. it was a maz ing.
not to mention their special guest was none other than david archuleta.
he's pretty incredible. and i feel like he's very sincere, good person.
i love him.
marki and sarah came with me. i love them too.
the other special guest was michael york, aka asher fleming from gilmore girls. we were pretty excited when we found that out.


Marki said...

i heart davey... aka future husband.

Lauren said...

I feel like every single person in Utah went to this concert! I'm super jealous.
cute blogg!

Bree said...

hello(: first of all thank you for the blog comment!

And I love David Archuleta! ahhh! I'm jealous u saw him! lol

glad u had fun and Happy Christmas!