Wednesday, July 14, 2010

pretty woman.

today is my beautiful momma's birthday. and i wish i could be there with her!
but alas. there are 250 miles separating us.
so here's to my momma. she's an amazing lady. six crazy beautiful kids later and she's still in her prime.
i dont know how she does it.
remember how i have point two pictures of my mom and like eight billion posts about her? well i do.
go here for reasons why i love her.
go here for pics of her beautiful garden.
go here for gina's playlist dedicated to her.
i love you momma!


Rodriguez's said...

Melt my heart! Thank you so so much. I am one lucky momma to have you in my life! Love my know I do.

Anonymous said...

i love your mom!!! happy birthday to her!!

Sara said...

Your blog is really cool and I loooooove your playlist.
Definitely subscribing.

And happy bday to yo momma!