Tuesday, July 13, 2010


it's official...
i'm going to nashville!
my dad is taking gina's things to virginia [for school in the fall. let's not talk about it.] and i'm going to drive with him part of the way. we'll stop in nashville for a couple days so i can FINALLY see these beautiful people...
my brother and sister-in-law, trent and brooke.
i haven't seen them since their wedding day in july of 2008. that's two years, people. TWO. not cool.
after visiting them i'll fly back to utah and my dad will go on to virginia. 
i wish i could go with him but somebody's got to put food on the table. that would be me.

i don't know if i've said it on the blog before but when i was about nine my dad decided to take me and gina and david to all 50 states. the few years after that he made that happen... well, almost. we went to 49. 
i've never been to hawaii. hush. i don't want to hear about it.
we haven't been on a legit roadtrip since i was about 15 so i'm really excited to let the good times roll. again.


Anonymous said...

Thats so cool Have fun! My bestfriend and I plan on going to all 50 states when we graduate college! I hope it happens.
Have a lovely time.


Trent & Brooke said...

yay! we're so excited!

chelsea rebecca said...

thats so wonderful!
maybe i'll have an ahlin spotting! hahaha.
hope you guys have fun!