Sunday, June 13, 2010

we like to party.

this weekend brought birthday celebrations, marathons and a deadly trip to st george.
it was matt's birthday on friday so a bunch of us went to pizza pie cafe and then saw The A Team [which was sooo good, btdub]. mmmm... i love me some all you can eat pizza, salad and pasta. for just 7 bucks.
the whole group. we're so popular.
the next morning i got up at 6:30 to go with jeffery justin cody johnson junior to support his sister and brother-in-law run the provo canyon marathon.
utah is really so beautiful. and this weekend it was pretty rainy and cloudy but in the canyon it looked so amazing with all the lush green trees and bushes.
jeff and i ran along with his sister for the last few miles. i stopped about a mile before the end but jeff finished with her.
this may be a good time to announce that i will be running a half marathon in august. i started training and eating super healthy a couple weeks ago. i'm so excited to do it and it will give me something good to work towards until school starts again. and hopefully help me make a keep up the good habit of working out regularly!
anyway, after running with them, i went back to my apartment, attempted to take a nap, showered and left for st george at about 1:30. that wasn't a scary drive or anything. i love having it pour half the time and having semi trucks pass me, spraying water all up in my grill and on my windshield, blinding me for five very long seconds. love it. let's just say there was a lot of praying involved... but i made it! and then passed out on the couch. later, my mom and my sister and i went to letters to juliet. i thought it was slightly painful to sit through, the best part of that movie was vanessa redgrave [because i want to be her when i'm old, she's so classy], and gina and i were dying laughing at the end. my mom loved it though...
today i went to church with my family, ate some homemade cafe rio, exchanged stories, and now i am debating driving back to p town tonight or waking up in the morning to leave by 9:30 so i can make it to work by one.
too much information? so sorry.
hope your weekend was fantastic and funfilled too!


Emma Jade said...

the green really does look beautiful through the rain!
Good look with your half-marathon!

Anonymous said...

a: did i tell you i went to pizza pie cafe in ID the same time you guys were there? yes, that's how much i wanted to be with you all.

b: come home. i miss you.

Cole said...

wow these pictures are so beautiful. I should really think about taking a trip to Utah. Glad you had a nice weekend. Lovely blog. :)
Cole visiting from

chelsea rebecca said...

those pictures are incredible!!