Wednesday, June 16, 2010

late nights are usually up to no good.

it's almost one. i should be asleep. i want to get up and study and run and clean. before i go to work. at one.
so i should go to sleep.
oh well.
i just had a few things crash down on my brain in the past few hours.
one. i've had four of some of my closest friends get engaged in the past three weeks. that's a lot. to me at least. i'm losing friends by the hand full. and i'm happy for them. i really am. no sarcasm here. i promise. you girls are beautiful and i approve [not that you need it] of your choices. i saw them all through remember?
two. was i wrong to delete facebook? that decision has been stabbing me in the back as of late.
three. my ipod [which isn't actually mine, it's my mom's that she let me borrow to take to college since my mini {yes. mini. not nano} wouldn't play without being plugged in] died today. as in it will not turn on. at all. i've tried every trick i know of. nothing. sad.
four. the song in my head right now is my love by sia. it's on the new eclipse soundtrack [which is good btdub, kinda like the new moon soundtrack but not quite as depressing]. except this song makes me sad for some reason. i don't know why. but it's on repeat. on my computer. since my ipod isn't working. how am i supposed to fall asleep to it?
five. i think i need to be more like this list.
six. "ahlin, just go pray until you feel better." sound advice from stuart dong [the gray haired asian].
seven. seriously. go find and watch this movie. right now. i promise you'll love it. i think i'll watch it tomorrow [today].
eight. i'm turning twenty on sunday. my golden birthday. which is also father's day. and a sunday. and all my friends are leaving for home. cool.
nine. i like this picture.
thanks for my thinking slash pity party.


leah marie said...

I love your face.
miss you.

xoxo awelynn

Jen Kerr said...

i come back on your bday!! so excited to see you!!

Rob said...

great movie and that's an amazing picture!