Sunday, June 13, 2010

europa day 16 and 17

day sixteen (6.12) : we spent the day in athens on our second to last day in europa. we took a bus tour in the morning, shopped in the afternoon and had the most movie-like dinner i've ever had, on top of a roof with singers and dancers, watching the sun set over athens. seriously the perfect ending to a perfect trip.
standing in front of the modern olympic stadium, built for the first olympics in the 1800's
in front of the parthenon
on top of the acropolis, looking over athens. swimsuit line anyone?
another view of the parthenon. they've been trying to restore it for a while...
day seventeen (6.13) : our last day. we pretty much packed, ate, went to the airport and waited for a couple hours. we took off around 1:00 pm athens time and landed at around 11:30 vegas time. quite literally the longest day of my life. we got back home around 1:30 where i was pleased to find everything in my room on my bed because the carpets had been cleaned a few days prior. cool. not only that but i had to get up at 6 the next morning to go on our stake's pioneer trek for three days. very cool. and when that was over we went straight up to orem to go to my nephew's baby blessing. keep in mind that i hadn't seen or talked to my mother in three weeks because she was stuck in provo with mono. so pretty much i didn't relax until about 5 days after i got back to the states. i rock.
mine is the little red duffel bag. compare that to the bags next to it, which is pretty much what everyone else brought. let's just say i had an easier time walking up the stairs with that. i am a master packer.

i am so grateful for the opportunity to visit all those amazing places! i hope you all have the chance to travel to your heart's desire some day. if you believe you can, you will. trust me.
and thanks for letting me share this trip with you and not getting too fed up :)


meraldia said...

I hope you enjoyed your days in Athens, darling!

Anonymous said...

i love greece. so. much. these pictures are sweet AG!

and also, will you please teach me how to pack. that's amazing.