Wednesday, June 9, 2010

europa day 13

today was the day of pompeii. yeah, we went to freaking pompeii. how cool is that?! the entire time i was there i kept thinking was how i remembered learning about it in middle school or whatever and here i was. it was crazy cool. the tour guide described it as very modern for it's time.
after we walked through pompeii, we drove to board our overnight ferry where a few of us girls watched sisterhood of the traveling pants in honor of entering greece the next day. kostas anyone?
mount vesuvius, the volcano that destroyed the entire city of pompeii
i think this used to be a temple...
a lot of things and people's shapes were somewhat preserved from the ashes. kinda cool, but also really sad. can you tell that the bottom picture is a pregnant woman?
overlooking some of the city
in an amphitheater
oh hey kostas.


LML said...

this place looks sooo neat! i am dying to go!

Brittany said...

i loved learning about pompeii in school too! what i would give to be in greece...

Emma Jade said...

oh kostas! yum face!