Tuesday, June 8, 2010

europa day 12

this was probably one of my most favorite days. we woke up early and left rome for naples. from there we took a ferry to capri. capri is an island off the coast of italy. if i could compare it to anything it would probably be catalina, which is off the coast of san diego. but capri was about ten times better. yes. it is possible. we left capri after a few hours and took a ferry to sorrento where we stayed the night.
the island of capri. it really is a dream.
look how blue the water is. it was like that everywhere! we took a little boat tour into some coves and around the island. so so beautiful.
we be friends.
look how cool our capri tour guide was. i was in awe at his style. he seriously belongs on the sartorialist. and i don't know but he looks a lot like tom cruise to me. do you see it?
i am seriously going back one day.


emily said...

gorgeous shots. i'd love to visit capri someday.

Mary Cee said...

I LOVE Catalina, so this must have been pretty amazing! These pictures look so beautiful!