Monday, June 7, 2010

europa day 11

today we pretty much roamed rome. yeah. i just said that.
arches are cool.
the colosseum. we didnt go inside but it was still pretty cool to see. and huge.
oh moses.
the pantheon. it has a hole in the top. also cool.
i almost saw lizzie and paolo. but then i didnt.
funny story: some friends and i were just walking around, looking at stores and what not, you know, minding our own business when we turned a corner and BAM! there's the trevi fountain and we were like, oh hey trevi fountain. where'd you come from?
that's seriously how it is in rome. everywhere your turn there is some important monument or some amazing piece of art. incredible.


Alyssa said...

you are so lucky, you have seen so much!

{i totally think of lizzie and paolo every time i see pictures of roma haha}

hey now hey now this is what dreeeeams are made of :)

ktb said...

I love all your beautiful pictures from europe! When did you go there?

emily said...

rome is the best. i hope you enjoyed some gelato.

Mary Cee said...

Bahaha, I love your reference to the Lizzie McGuire Movie! That was a favorite of mine back in the day... I think I'm might just go watch it again :)