Monday, June 7, 2010

europa day 9 and 10

remember this was my trip three years ago... ok just checkin...
day nine (6.6) : this day we ran around florence like it was nobody's business. we saw david as well as the grave of galileo and had some wonderful gelato.
in front of the piazza del duomo.
hercules beating the centaur nessus by giambologna. look at that detail!
the rape of the sabine women also by giambologna. this is one of my favorite sculptures. i love the movement and energy of it. i may have written a few papers on it...
ponte vecchio, "old bridge". those used to be houses and now they're stores. so dreamy.
saw these along the river. mmmmm would love to take those babies for a spin....
day ten (6.7) : woke up and took a four hour motor coach to rome. we checked into the hotel and went straight to vatican city. it was so amazing! the sistine chapel was incredible but sadly you can't take any pictures in there... i did holla at the pope though. jk. just kidding.
the front of vatican city
laocoon and his sons. my sister told me all about this piece before i left so i was really excited when i finally got to see it. look at that expression. so crazy.
the oh so famous center of the vatican.
in front of st peter's tomb.

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