Monday, May 24, 2010

funny funny fb.

some of you may remember me quitting facebook a little over a month ago and i'm not gonna lie it's been pretty nice and very liberating. but it has come to my attention that apparently i have been missed on fb because, as we were sitting in my apartment sunday night discussing life and such, somehow an idea came up that a facebook group should be made to get me to join again.
if one million people join, ahlin will come back to facebook.
with zero hesitation to this fab idea, the number cutoff was discussed with talk of 200 people, 50 people [thanks guys, i'm pretty sure i have more than fifty friends in this world] and they finally settled on 100.
then they officially named the group: join the ahlin care foundation!
explanation: if 100 people join, ahlin will come back to facebook!
then they started making bets on how fast it would get to 100 members. stuart says next sunday. ouch stuart. that hurts. romney says thursday. thank you romney. that does not hurt. as much. i will have you know that within about .2 seconds of the group being made, someone had already joined and written on the wall [granted it was jeffery justin cody johnson junior... what can i say, the kid loves me] and an hour later there are already 14 members. what up.
romney, stuart, and corey were all arguing about who's idea it was and what they wanted their administrator names to be.
end results: 
stuart- ceo of ahlin
romney- stuart's boss/group bouncer
jeffery- ahlin awareness advocate
leslie- international relations
sarahmaines- the troy to ahlin's abed [community anyone?]
corey decided he wants to be the 100th group member. nice.
i took some videos on my phone of them arguing but i dont know how to upload them. and i think they're really only entertaining to me. so you're welcome.
this is both hilarious and flattering. thank you friends.


Cara said...

I must admit, after I read this post I went onto facebook to find the group. And I joined.

Anonymous said...

HAHA...that's really sweet!
I deleted my facebook, and it only lasted 2 days before I got 43 text messages asking if I was still alive! haha


Jeff said...

All I know is that soon you will have more people wanting you back on facebook than follow your blog...

Anonymous said...

where are these videos?! i need to see them!

33 and going strong, yo

Anonymous said...

I joined.