Monday, February 18, 2013

my world 2.0.

a list of what is going on in ahlin's world as of late:
- travel plans galore.
- future life plans galore.
- freaking out over the office every second.
- reading hpatcos very slowly because i can't read it at night because basilisk.
- training for this guy. yikes.
- a bonfire. i have sorely missed the outdoors.
- gave up pinterest for lent. still deciding if that was a good idea.
- preparing for my mom and niki to visit. (!!!)
- deciding what to do at my next haircut. this weighs heavily on my mind.
- enjoying every possible second of texas.
- trying not to eat every salted caramel cupcake that comes my way.
- still instagramming tons. sorry not sorry.

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