Tuesday, November 6, 2012

utah: wedding day.

it is safe to say that this is a wedding i have been waiting for my entire life. and it did not disappoint. between getting all dolled up, waiting at the temple with the kiddos, watching niki and renn come out of the temple, and the amazing reception to follow, there is actually nothing that could have made it better. 
shout out to renn for letting me stop him and square up so i could take this shoe pic.
baby holding was a thing.
why is this picture of levi all by himself so hilarious to me? he's not even facing the action.
hung out with these guys until the reception. on the way back to the car, track asked me why i live so far away. good question! why can't i have my whole family live on one street so we can play together and laugh together and eat together all the time?? i guess that is what my heaven will look like.

pictures from the reception to come!

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Samantha Brooks said...

that dress is actually perfect. i need it. and you're a babe.