Thursday, November 8, 2012

utah: post wedding.

basically everything after the big day just felt like one big wedding hangover. but we did get to fit some good times in during the recovery.

the last day and a half consisted of lounging, kneaders [twice], mountains, snowbird, provo friends [and leslie!!!], lauren's birthday [do i dare say which one?], seeing my daddyo, and goodbyes.
baby levi and gina got along so well, i am sure he was convincing her to stay in utah. but alas.
i love utah. i love my family. i am so grateful that i got to spend so much time with them. i guess being away just makes it that much sweeter when i come back. next time is christmas. [so close!]

until then, i will stay in texas and love every minute.

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Jordyn said...

Whoa girl, your makeup looks BANGIN!