Wednesday, November 14, 2012

it's close enough.

confession: i started listening to christmas music on november second. sorry i'm not sorry. it has put me in a noticeably better mood and has made me happy and i am pretty sure pandora's michael buble (holiday) station is changing my life.

so with all the rando christmas music i have been listening to, i have noticed some pretty amazingly weird slash horrifying christmas album art. everyone wants to be different when it comes to the holidays, which is tough because everyone is doing the same thing. so apparently they take it out on their album covers. here are a few faves:

nat, sir, i love you, but could you look any more creepy with the shoulders and the eyebrow and the children peeking from beside you? what are those children doing? are they trying to escape? i don't know.
ok these dudes look crazy but they are actually amazing and awesome and they are a country gospel group that have been around for forty years. beard.
 exhibit a: flames. like hell. exhibit b: those crazy stockings on some crazy woman's legs and she is sticking a tree down there? what is happening. exhibit c: this is a frank sinatra song. he is way to classy for this shiz. exhibit d: this is volume six. i am scared to see the previous five.
 harry is looking grungy and sad. this is probably right after he kissed hilary swank and it felt weird and he is sad about it in 'ps i love you'.
 i don't know who this dude is but i do know that there is a random child hanging on him and that it is so weird and out of place. who is she? is she his child? why is she trying to choke him?
 put some clothes on, colbie. this is christmas for pete's sake.
that's all.

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