Thursday, September 6, 2012

and then i bought myself a texas t shirt.

yep. still not blogging about austin yet.

but can i interest you in my brand new texas t shirt that i bought for myself from tj maxx because  maybe i am acquiring a bit of texas pride and i tried on like three different texas shirts? i mean, have i ever in my life owned a utah t shirt? nope. not even a california t shirt. [let's ignore the fact that i love and live in my five dollar new mexico sweater for a second.]

texas is known for its state pride and most people hate on it, myself included, before i decided to change my ways. but do you know why it is such a prominent attribute of this state? because it is so fun. to have something you just go crazy over, and not just you, but everyone around you. it is ridiculously fun and i have decided to revel in it while i am here.
plus it is way cute. huzzah.

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hannah b said...

I wish I had a hundred million hours to read your whole blog. Why did you have to be so darn productive and actually post more than once a week?! Just know this, I am not creepy, but I do want to be you. Am I glad I spent 6+ hours in a car with you? Absolutely. Do I also wish to be your best friend? H yes.