Monday, August 27, 2012

unleashing instagram.

getting my tennis on after watching the olympics // fact: golden corral is the worst. [minus the rolls.] [i had three.] [or four.] [i don't know.]
my friend fed me and i got to eat off this plate and it was wonderful // pb toast and reading in bed
this cute girl could not get enough lip gloss in church // hazmat training brings out my creative side
these chocolate covered berries are my absolute favorite ever. ever. // my first pink berry. i approve.
my mom sent me a care package because she is the best // my last meat slash fast food meal. #innnoutftw
new sparkly shoes. did i mention my mom was the best? // ombre fruit plate for my coworker. delish.
me taking a picture of my prep outfit and posting it on all my profiles. word.

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