Tuesday, July 17, 2012

sweet dreams.

so i finally finally finally, after sleeping on an air mattress for a month and my couch for a week, i finally bought a bed! it's a queen memory foam mattress and i am absolutely in love. i got it off amazon and it was delivered two days later. i had to pick it up at the ups store and as i was dragging it back to my apartment [seriously, imagine me pulling it across the street like the crazy single girl that i am], a nice couple of guys volunteered to carry for me. high five nice people of texas.

i was so excited, squealing and talking to myself more than usual. i wish someone was there to witness the process of me cutting it open and the bed unfolding like a magical marshmallow [yes]. it was pretty awesome. this bed has made a world of difference with my back and i have a hard time getting out of bed because it is so dreamy.
cross this off my things to buy when i'm a real adult list. #checkandcheck


Taylor said...

Sweet dreams are made of these
Who am I do disagree
I travel the world and seven seas


How the heyo did that flat little mattress pad turn into that ginormo-piece of heaven. I wish I could have watched it expand. The part of my brain that dreams about popping packing bubbles is exploding trying to imagine it.

Lula. said...

Nothing like a memory foam mattress.

I am so happy for you!