Friday, February 24, 2012

l for love. and leah. and le sigh.

here are some instas from my valentine's day 2012 experience.
treated myself to some of my favorite chocolate. delish.
maybe my roommate's boyfriend gave her a puppy for v day. maybe he's the perfect man. maybe the puppy's name is bear and she filled the heart shaped hole in chest. maybe. maybe not. i don't know.
leah and i made pizza! with pepperoni! shaped in a heart!
then we ate red velvet cupcakes! 
then leah bought me yogurtland! leah is pretty.
so was my yogurtland. yum.

at the end of the night i realized i hadn't watched a chick flick all day. so i righted that wrong and threw in moulin rouge. 
ewan sang to my soul and it was good.

i would just like to thank kyle for sharing leah with me again this valentine's day. that was very generous of him. oh wait. he was in nyc having a grand time. never mind. no pity for you.


Jordyn said...


leah marie said...

haha the last line "no pity for you."
what a great V-day. I'm already looking forward to 2013! haha :)