Tuesday, February 15, 2011

besties and burgers.

made a tumblr? yes.
got a r pat calender from my roommate? awww yeeeah.
caught up with my besties? check.
european chocolate? yes please.
got called a hobo by a random stranger man? yup.
was accused of giving a boy a secret valentine? yeah...
introduced to the perfect song? thank you sm.
moral of the story: my girls are my lifesavers
and maybe some r pat too.

baby burgers [sliders] at marley's. yummm.
 true love.
 sm in londontown.
 i love these.
 standing under a heat lamp talking. then i guy told us that's what hobos do in nyc. thank you sir, we are obviously having an awesome valentine's day with our hot men, please, compare us to hobos one more time.
 rob's face makes the world go round.
happy valentine's day to me.


taylor elaine said...

You are definitely too cute to be a hobo. :)

Jen Kerr said...

best valentine's day ever!

Sarah said...

this post makes me really happy. you girls keep me sane. love you!