Monday, December 5, 2011

the perfect lone island.

one time i was thinking about how much i love life cereal and then i decided that if i was on an island and could only take one kind of cereal to have for the rest of forever, it would be life, hands down. then i started thinking of other things i love and would choose to never live without, besides the obvious, righteous things [book of mormon, temple, etc]. this is my worldly island:

restaurant: cafe rio
fast food: taco bell
baked goods: chocolate chip cookies slash cookie dough
type of food: thai
candy: chocolate covered cinnamon bears
book: the alchemist
breakfast: pumpkin pancakes
tv show: friends
sport to play: soccer
sport to watch: baseball
movie: penelope
music: the killers
ice cream: ben and jerry's half baked
fruit: raspberries
vegetable: red bell peppers
store: target
outfit: denim button up shirt, black jeggings, leather jacket, gray boots
beverage: barq's root beer
entertainment: netflix
electronic device: iphone
board game: scrabble
man to love: brandon flowers

i realize some of them are conflicting. but it is my hypothetical lonely island. which is called winning: the isle of awesome. go make your own lone island.


ktb said...

you're awesome! Call me if you need company on your island--it sounds pretty great :) xoxo

Sera said...

soo ... i always thought it was barg's, not barq's. i am so uncertain about life now ...