Sunday, December 4, 2011

hanging out with the kids.

a few weekends ago i went with dad and the children went to the provo beach resort in the riverwoods. cason and luci are so cute, i love being with them. and they know my name and tell me they love me so that's not too shabby either.
such good little posers.
 luci was sooo excited for the merry go round, i don't even know how many times she went. i'm not going to lie, i kind of loved it too.
i love the riverwoods. it is one of my favorite places in provo.
 grandpa reading the kiddles a bedtime story. so cute.
nieces and nephews are basically the best. especially mine.


Sera said...

that picture of the storybook reading is precious. love your dad.

Lula. said...

They are the cutest ever... but hello raggamuffins!