Monday, October 3, 2011

october third.

i thought this was pretty relevant.
today is the birthday of two extremely important people in my life.

jen kerr
one of my best friends since freshman year, we have lived together, laughed together, cried together, and done pretty much anything you can imagine together [really though]. jen and i became roommates by pure chance which, looking back, never seemed to be chance at all. she has blessed my life in countless ways. and by countless, i mean i literally cannot count them. but i shall name a few:

- teaching me how to be a good student
- giving me rides to places slash letting me borrow her car sophomore year
- going to cafe rio whenever i felt that particular need
- teaching me that it's ok to be positive about everything. and i mean everything.
- exposing me to the wonder of a true two minute shower [i still don't understand how she does it.]
- reading your scriptures everyday and praying morning & night is totally doable.
- running long distances is cool.
- lois & clark #nuffsaid

happy birthday jenkerr! i love you dearly my friend.

jade arrington
jade is my sister-in-law. and without even seeing her read this i know she is totally hating me right now for putting this picture on here. well jade, that's what happens when you don't let me take pictures of you. i have to turn to the professionals.
i've known jade since i was 12 and loved her the instant i met her. it's crazy how much closer we've become, especially over the last few years since she and my brother [plus the children] moved to st george. she is one of the funniest, strongest, most beautiful people i know and i feel so blessed to call her my sister. it's pretty much a one-sided relationship because i get to laugh and have so much fun with her and i offer nothing in return. one day when i'm rich i'll buy her lots of clothes and then feel worthy to be in her presence. here's just a taste of our fun times:

- one time she was making meringue for a pie while my parents were gone and she told me she was going to put it on gina's face. she called gina to the kitchen and then decided to wipe it all over my face. cue all out meringue war. the three of us got so crazy sticky and matt was super mad that we made a mess. then we washed off in the pool. good memory.

- jade introduced me to the straightening iron. when she first visited us, i woke her up at like 6 to straighten my hair before school. i'm sure she wanted to slap me for that multiple times and probably would if i tried it now. bahahaha.

- one time we were all in the car with her siblings and she asked if anyone wanted a surprise. duh i wanted a surprise. so i yelled 'i do!' and stuck out my hand which she proceeded to put a tampon in. nice. ps i was sitting next to her super cute brother [who is now married] and we were 15. thanks jade.

- one time we ran together in the mornings for like a week. then she got pregnant with laken. so that ended.

- jade has these glasses that are missing a lens but she still wears them when she drives or watches a movie. one time we were driving somewhere and talking about something semi important and then i looked over while she was talking, saw the glasses, kind of smiled but trying really hard to hide it, just kept nodding my head and listening. then she said 'you're looking at my glasses aren't you?' and i completely lost it. she totally called me out and we died laughing.

happy birthday jade! ohmygosh you're so old.


Jen Kerr said...

thanks ahlin! this made my day! you are the best! love you!

Arrington's said...

So I left a paragraph a few days ago from my phone and apparently it didn't send?!?! I guess that's okay because I just re-read it and it made my day all over again. You are too kind little missy. The only ridiculous part was when you said you give nothing back?!? hellooooo you are a plethora of fun/funny/kind/easy going/considerate AND incredibly clever. Plus you always make me feel funnier then I actually am and that, that is priceless. Soo glad I get to call you a sister you rock my world!!!