Wednesday, October 5, 2011

conference weekend.

the lord is my light, then why should i fear?
this october's general conference was amazing, as per usual. i always love this weekend when time seems to stand still and everything seems in control for two seconds. listening to the leaders of the church inspires such hope and confidence in me every single time. it is always so incredible when i am able to pinpoint exact messages and quotes that i feel are meant specifically for me, right here right now. i got serious anxiety for a minute when it ended... how am i supposed to make it another six months without them? bless the internet slash november ensign for unlimited access to their messages.

my favorite was by elder carl b. cook, which you can watch here. seriously, best eight minutes of my life. i also loved elder alonso, elder andersonpresident uchtdorf... holy cow, they were just all so great. they are all available here to read, watch, or listen to.

i'm so grateful for modern day revelation and the loving guidance of these incredible men and women. i know what they say is directly from our father in heaven. i know that my heavenly father knows me personally, better than anyone, and loves me with a love that is incomprehensible and yet completely evident in every minute of every day. i am who i am because of this gospel and because of the example of jesus christ, my perfect brother and savior.

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