Saturday, August 6, 2011


my last saturday.
i had breakfast with my grandparents at schooner or later, a cool old place right by the marina in long beach. i love eating by the water. or doing anything by the water really.
how cute are they? please note my grandpa's hat.
then i went down to huntington and did some homework by the beach #perfection. after a while i met up with anna and her sister. we went over to the pier because it was the first day of the us surf open. they had a ton of cool stuff and watching the surfing was really neat. and we left our mark on this huge board: byu 4eva!
homeboy's arms are nice #surferboys
after i said bye to them, i laid out on the beach a bit and soaked up some sun [with sunscreen of course]. on my way home i stopped at this farmers market. i wish i could shop at farmers markets everyday!
 after i got home and showered, i went up to pasadena to hang out with my friend brandon from byu. we went to king taco for some authentic mexican food and then saw cowboys and aliens [which i loved]. it was super fun! plus we drove on the rose parade route :)
i thought he was covering his face. nope, he was giving me a high five #hiimawkward
messy food is the best food.

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