Wednesday, August 10, 2011

goodbye california.

i got a lot more sad than i thought i would to leave my job. i met a ton of cool people and was just starting to feel settled in when it ended. i worked a lot with long beach animal care services so the guys took me out to lunch for one last hurrah. they were so nice and so fun to be around, i'm surprised i didn't cry when i said goodbye.
pictured: lt. david linn, richard cranston, me, john keisler. don't mind my arm, i just like being awkward in pictures, that's all.
 after my last day [seriously, i was so sad] i drove down to carlsbad to hang out with daddy-o. he made me dinner and we watched the adjustment bureau [ps so good]. the next morning we went down to the beach and i went for one last beach run while he road his bike. then we had a late breakfast at this beautiful, super yummy cafe.
 i had a little post run, pre breakfast snack while we were waiting to be seated.
 then i showered, took the car to jiffy lube [thanks dad!] and headed up to huntington beach. after some super fun traffic, i got to pacific coast highway and it was crazy. with the surf open plus a free jimmy eat world concert [the reason i was going] it was incredibly peopled. check it out.
 i decided it wasn't worth it to try and find a parking spot so i drove up to long beach and got myself one last authentic [delicious] fish taco.
then i went to my grandparents to say goodbye, went home, chatted with mike and amy for a bit, then went to bed. for the last time. in california. #dramamuch


Megan said...

I'm sad you had to leave Cali (i'm so moving there one day) but I'm so excited you are coming back!!!!

Libby said...

mmm chronic taco! not my favorite fish taco but they are still awfully good! shoulda stayed in SD, jimmy eat world playaed a show there last weekend too....or is it this weekend? i forget! and my cousins live in Carlsbad, love it there :)

Libby on the Label

joe said...

Where will your journeys take you next?