Monday, August 1, 2011

concerts in the park.

every thursday in july the long beach municipal band performs at marine stadium in long beach. my family has been going to it for years and this summer i got to participate in the festivities. it is so much fun and the music is so great. there are hundreds of people there that lay out blankets and have dinner in the park, and also a lot of boats in the marina where people listen to the music. my grandparents go two hours early every week and get a spot right up front. here is a compilation of some pics from the last few weeks we've gone.
 uncle mike and aunt amy. they are super awesome.
 aunt missy and her horse, taz.
 the moon was so full and low that night.
 my dad with his second grade teacher. so cute!
 uncle mike and my brother blake. what cool cats.
 the last concert was last week. it was such a perfect california night #ilivehere
 and we go to yogurtland every week after the concert. my dad loves me.
i can't believe i'm leaving this week. it will be bittersweet but it's been so fun to spend time with my family at these concerts every week. yay for memories and love!

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