Wednesday, July 6, 2011

birthday day.

on my twenty-first birthday.
i became an adult.

yep, i started my internship on my birthday. #superawesome
 got my own office. heyo.
my first thought when i saw the room number? 'aw, sarah's birthday...' #besties
 after a long day of work i came home, went for a run [gotta start the year off right, ya know?], then my dad, gina and kylie came over to pick me up for dinner. and my dad gave me a flower! i've never got flowers before!
we went to super mex for some authentic and delicious mexican food #duh
 and kit came too! [kit, me, kylie and gina]
 oh this is where i live.
 of course yogurtland was across the street and of course it called to me.
 i just don't think it would have been my birthday without some froyo.
and, can you believe it, the birthday celebrations did not end there...


ktb said...

Ahlin, you're great and you lead a lovely life! I hope this is a great year for you-- you've definitely got some fun adventures waiting for you :)

anna said...

it all looks sooo good! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

several things:

1 - i love that you associate 118 with my birthday. that's true friendship/dedication.
2 - because we didn't get an froyo while i was there last time (#fail), we need to make it a top priority on my next visit.
3 - welcome to adulthood!