Monday, May 2, 2011

thirty flirty and thriving

today is my sister niki's birthday!
she is one of my best friends in the whole world and i love her so much. she has always been there for me and helps me with anything i need. one time when i was in fourth grade i had a huge book report due that i had totally procrastinated doing. she stayed up until three in the morning helping me find vocabulary words to use! and i totally got an a on it. what up.
she always believes in me and wants the best of the best for me. she never lets me say anything bad about myself, she honestly thinks i'm perfect. it will be a rude awakening for her when she realizes out i'm fairly average. [but still awesome.]
she's athletic, smart, hilarious, beautiful, fun, and an amazing story teller. she lets me sleep in her bed when i spend the night, she lets me cry for no reason and she dances around the kitchen to make me laugh. i don't know what i'll do when we don't live by each other. i just about died when she went to europe for two months and then i died again when she moved... forty five minutes away. i'm a wuss.
 love you niki!


Lula. said...

Sweet post. Love that Niki.

Arrington's said...

what would we do without our Niki love?!? Love that girl..