Friday, April 22, 2011


this semester. took. for e ver.
it was by far the longest hardest semester of my byu career.

but with the incredibly hard times, i also recognized moments where i grew or learned something about myself or both. i feel like a totally different person than i was at the beginning of this [school] year. but in a good way. i love who i've become and i know i'll continue to change and grow. because that's what we do. the only constant is change.

something i learned from my stress psychobiology class:
we do not see the world as it is, but as we are.

reading that makes me want to have a positive and hopeful outlook on life. there is no time to waste by being down on myself or my situation or the unpredictable future. living in this moment and loving it is one of the best things i've learned to do and i am grateful for it. although i am a huge planner, i've learned that there are some things i just can't control. and that's ok. it's actually kind of a relieving realization to live with.

but what i can plan is what i want to do now that school is over [until tuesday. me oh my.]. i've been making a list on my phone so i wouldn't forget what i wanted to do when i was strapped to a computer in the library for eight hours writing a paper. it's not a very exciting to do list, but when you have zero time whatsoever, they become gold:

- redesign blog [yes, it's at the top]
- work out [this has definitely been taking a toll on me]
- paint my nails
- finally get music i've been hearing on pandora
- read books that don't put me to sleep

there are like twenty billion movies i want to watch [or rewatch]:
- the switch
- water for elephants
- the tourist
- (500) days of summer
- penelope
- the killers concert dvd
- waitress
- unstoppable
- never let me go
- get low
- the romantics
- you again
- easy a

yeah... those probably won't all happen... #agirlcandream

first things first though. shower.

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Rachel said...

soooooo can we see water for elephants??? pleasssseee????